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The Yardbirds then...
Pioneer U.K. blues and rhythm&blues outfit that featured in succession at one time or another the brilliant guitarists Top Topham, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Evolved (under Jimmy Page era) into the New Yardbirds and then quickly into Led Zeppelin and met fame and fortune.

Album cover from "Five Live Yardbirds", recorded in 1964 by the Eric 'Slowhand' Clapton lineup. A true classic if there ever was one.
From the left: Keith Relf (lead vocals, harp), Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar), Eric Clapton (lead guitar), Jim McCarty (drums) and Paul Samwell-Smith (bass guitar - and recording guru).

...and The Yardbirds now!
During the 90's the Yardbirds name has been magically resurrected by the stable team of original members Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar) and Jim McCarty (drums) for a new era.
These more recent lineups have included:
harpist Laurie Garman (ex-Key Largo, Cobras, Diplomatics)
bassist Denny Ball (ex-Ace Kefford Stand, Bedlam - and much later with Wolfie Witcher).

On Nov. 3 '98 Steve Kennedy mails me that
Alan Glen (ex-Nine Below Zero '92 - '95) now plays the harmonica with The Yardbirds. Alan Glen is also harpist with Sonny Black & The Dukes.
Gypie Mayo (ex- Dr Feelgood) handles lead guitar & backing vocals, and
John Idan the lead vocals and bass guitar.

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John Platt - Chris Dreja - Jim McCarty: "Yardbirds" (Sidgwick & Jackson, U.K. 1983)

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