Top Topham:

After leaving The Yardbirds, Tony 'Top' Topham has shun the spotlights. He issued solo album "Ascension Heights" BLUE HORIZON 763857 (1970) and played in Christine Perfect's band when she left Chicken Shack. Also featured on her solo album.
Big Joe Louis wrote me on Sept. 16 1998:
There was a Top solo CD on Pete Moody's SUNFLOWER label in 1991: "Lookin' Down The Backtracks" (SFCD103). This was compiled from recordings made between 1963 and 1969 and all were unissued. Duster Bennett is on some tracks, amongst others. INDIGO have reissued it as "On Top" (IGOCD2080).
In recent years Top Topham has appeared on the London R&B scene with fellow Yardbird Jim McCarty under the name The Top Topham/Jim McCarty/Detroit John Blues Band (Jan' 89) or The Top Topham/Jim McCarty Band (May '89) with Andy Cleveland (who played with Wes Weston's Bluesonics in '96) on bass and featuring guests like Shakey Vick. Held regular Wednesday night gigs at the "Station Tavern" in '89.

Top Topham is not a musician by profession today. His daytime job is in a different field altogether. But if he should turn up suddenly on an R&B stage near you: queue up immmediately! Do not miss!

Dan Forte ("Guitar Player Magazine") once described lyrically a Topham gig he had caught in London: an amazing guitarist with exactly the old Clapton/Bluesbreaker sound. Forte was mightily impressed - and he has heard a lot.

Knights In Blue Denim Revisited: our own new pages on a London visit August '98 feature the elusive Mr. Topham a.o.