Sonny Black & The Dukes:

"Sonny Black & The Dukes play an irresistible blend of slow blues and shuffles through to rockin R&B. Led by guitar maestro Sonny Black, with the talents of Daniel Smith on keyboards and a rhythm section that's as tight as a drum. A Must!"
Ad for the I.O.W. Blues Weekend '97.
Bill Boazman, a.k.a Sonny Black previously led the Sonny Black Blues Band. Around '96 the band split up and the rhythm section turned into the Mighty 45s. So Sonny gradually assembled the Dukes:
Sonny Black & The Dukes:

Sonny Black: guitar

Bob Haddrell: keyboards (also leader of The Barcodes). Succeeded Daniel Smith as keyboardist in Nov. '99, Daniel now concentrating on his own band The Daniel Smith Blues Band.

Alan Glen: the harmonicaplayer who left the band late in 2000 (ex-Nine Below Zero '92 - '95). (Also with The Yardbirds, making his gig calenders clash!)

George Pearson: bass

Damon Sawyer: drums
("Damon Sawyer played with the band at the Dragon Blues Festival in July 2000, when they supported Jimmy Dawkins -- I think this was Damon's first gig" says reader Gordon Baxter). Damon Sawyer replaced Dino Coccia (The Barcodes) who in his turn succeeded Sam Kelly in The Dukes.

Vanja & I caught this band at The Station Tavern on Oct. 3 '99. It was the lineup with Daniel Smith - who really showed his prowess as boogie woogie meister. Alan Glen was missing - not unusual I understand due to a tight calendar. A fine evening though, Sonny Black displaying why he is so highly regarded. A seventies Fender Strat, natural finish maple body and neck, plus a blackface Fender Super Reverb amp. No effects whatsoever. Vocals were duly taken by George, Daniel and Sonny himself in a workmanlike fashion, but a stronger vocalist would really put this band into the top league. Instrumentally they're there already. Suffice it to say that the evening offered the best version of blues chestnut "The Thrill Is Gone" I've ever heard from a stage. Jazz & blues in a perfect fusion - without being fusion!

"Free Spirit" (1998). Issued by the band (w. Daniel Smith at the keys) themselves. Beautiful stuff, sometimes melodically jazzy. Cover pictured above. Album also features Earl Green (vocals), Bob Haddrell (Hammond B3, leader of The Barcodes), Mark Ramsden (sax), Sam Kelly (drums), Paul Lamb (harp) and Johnny Whitehill (guitar).

"Heart and Soul" BLUETRACK RECORDS BRCD004 (2000)
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