Key Largo:

"They never really got going as a working band which was a shame because there were one or two interesting players in the band like Laurie Sanford, a good left-handed player a lot like Albert Collins".
Said BLUE HORIZON head Mike Vernon in Bob Brunning's book: "Blues - The British Connection" (1986).

Pat McAuliffe: vocals
Laurence 'Laurie' Garman: harmonica
(appears on the Inmates' first album "First Offence" in '79. Went on to the Cobras. Member of the Diplomatics in '89 - and much later of the re-formed Yardbirds.)
Laurie Sanford: guitar
Bob Savage: keyboards
Tom Stead: bass
Kenny Lamb: drums

Our good friend John Litrenta ( mailed us on Febr. 17 '99. He had just enthusiastically listened through "The Blue Horizon Story!", a 3 CD boxed set describing the history of the classic U.K. blues label.
"As far as Key Largo is concerned, there is only one track by them included on this set: "Voodoo Rhythm". What a number it is though! I was very impressed when I heard this piece for the first time ever (30 years after) just about a week and a half ago. A very full sound that is reminiscent of Cream and also Steamhammer for some reason. Great vocal and guitar work. Was blown away. Makes me wonder why this band didn't get more if any recognition in the US. Would like to hear more! The booklet in the boxed set has a photo of the band with the name Key Largo in the upper left hand corner. I am assuming that this is the album cover. Mike Vernon's liner notes states "Key Largo, a London based band with some potential but a small fan base, were already represented in the catalogue with an album (7-63859) and their Johnny Jenkins/Dr John inpired single "Voodoo Rhythm" saw the light of day on 2nd October 1970 all dressed in red."

"Key Largo" BLUE HORIZON 7 63859 (1970)