Eric Clapton:

I'm definitely not going to explain who he is... if I have to do that you're probably in the wrong web page. He is simply head honcho of the U.K. blues guitar scene - after having changed groups, guitars and haircuts regularly for the last thirtyfive years. His singles & albums are listed in all rock dictionaries - so sally forth into them. Look under "Links (General)" at the end of this web page. Or try the specialized Clapton links just below in this little article.

I've caught Clapton live with Blind Faith (the London concert) and twice as a "solo" artist: once with Albert Lee on 2nd guitar and once with Tim Renwick on 2nd Strat. Two beautiful sidemen. But in my humble opinion Tim Renwick suited Clapton better.

Today Clapton is a mega star commercially. But he is still a blueser at heart. The magnificient "From The Cradle" album is proof enough.

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