Dr. Feelgood:

Legendary rocking R&B outfit centered around harpist/vocalist Lee Brilleaux. First four albums featured wildman guitarist Wilko Johnson (an avid admirer of Mick Green). Debut album: "Down By The Jetty" from 1975.

Lee Brilleaux died tragically in April '94 and was finally 'replaced' by Pete Gage. Who four years later (Aug. '99) decided to pursue a solo career and was replaced himself by Robert Kane (who left a late Animals edition).
Listening happily to a favourite album, "The Feelgood Factor" from '93 (my U.K. version being GRAND RECORDS CD17), reveals a couple of gems in a bareknuckled, back-to-basics setting. This was the eminent lineup of Lee Brilleaux (vocals, harp) + Steve Walwyn (guitar) + Dave Bronze (bass) + Kevin Morris (drums).
To me two Dave Bronze songs are outstanding: "I'm In The Mood For You" is a relentless riff rocker which would have rendered the fabled ZZ Top envious, and "One Step Forward" a slow, icy blues with outstanding reverb guitar. A suggestive number, the Doctor for once making me think of Roger Chapman!
Steve Walwyn and Kevin Morris are still ('99) loyal to the Feelgoods as far as I know. Dave Bronze moved on - outside and inside the world of blues. In '94 we heard him play his bass on Eric Clapton's successful back-to-the-blues album "From The Cradle". In '99 he toured Sweden behind singer/guitarist Eric Bibb.

Recommended reading:
the engrossing "Down By The Jetty", a biography written by Tony Moon (NORTHDOWN PUBLISHING (1997). Loaded with excellent photographs.

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