Miller Anderson:

Who left Scotland in '65 as a member of Profile. Then on to Ian Hunter, on to session work and so to Mr. Hartley.
His main claim to fame is being featured as lead guitarist, excellent vocalist and main composer with Keef Hartley Band for five albums '69 - '71.

Miller Anderson issued a solo album, "Bright City" DERAM SDL3 in '71, featuring songs that were not considered suitable for Hartley's repertoire. Lineup featured among others Mick Weaver on keyboards plus the bassist (Gary Thain) and reed players of Hartley's. Plus a string section. Pretty melodies, acoustic guitars, fluegel horn & flute - no doubt mirroring Miller's interest in a softer, more acoustic brand of music.

But "High Tide, High Water" (7:26) and "Nothing In This World" were something else: two riffing electric guitars (the other deftly handled by Neil Hubbard), wah-wah, and a fat, forceful organ. Extended workouts - true timepieces. And Miller did play a Telecaster on the album cover...

"High Tide..." partly read: "What awaits us round the corner/What lies there that we can't see/Is there someone with the answer/waiting patiently for me..."
Well, Miller: Kim Simmonds and Stan Webb are standing there waiting, humming some heavy 12-bars. I guess your acoustic days are counted...

Album with Dave Cousins (from Strawbs) in '72

Hemlock: "Hemlock" DERAM SML 1102 in '73. With Jim Leverton (bass), Eric Dillon (drums), Mick Weaver, Chris Mercer...

Joined Savoy Brown for the touring and recording of "Boogie Brothers" in 1974. Triple threat of guitarists Kim Simmonds, Stan Webb and Miller himself.

With Stan Webb's Broken Glass outfit in '75. Three guitars, Miller, Stan and Robbie Blunt.

Hartley's Dog Soldier Band (post '75 lineup).

The Dukes who recorded "The Dukes" WB K56710 (1979) with Jimmy McCulloch and Ronnie Leahy, both once with Stone The Crows.

In '97 he appeared as guitarist in a reformed Spencer Davis Group!

Seems that Miller's taste in music became tougher as the years went passing by. In Beat Instrumental (Nov. '71) he talked mainly about working on acoustic songs and seemed to want to get away from the role of electric lead guitarist.

With Keef Hartley he favoured a Gibson SG guitar and a Carlsbro stack.

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