Keef Hartley:

Not exactly a singles artist - but a well merited drummer with a vision. A gifted man whose apparel mirrored his deep interest in the American Indian: fringed jackets, widebrimmed hats...
Drummed with Artwoods, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (alongside new guitarist Mick Taylor from The Gods) on albums "Crusade" 1967 and "Diary Of A Band, Vols. 1 & 2" in 1968 - and then founded this: his own outfit.

Featured scotsman Miller Anderson on guitar (Gibson SG + Carlsbro) and fine lead vocals. And quite a few good reed men.

"Just To Cry" (Lowther/Finnegan)/"Leave It 'Til The Morning"(Hewitson/James/Hartley/Thain) DERAM DM 250 (1969)
A-Side: First few seconds make you think of Spencer Davis Group, then a trumpet calls and changes the mood. Lots of trumpet plus oscillating sounds everywhere. Good vocalist - not a "blues voice" (nothing wrong with that!) but a clear, powerful voice. Modern, jazzy, neat.

B-Side: Much more pop! The Beatles meet some jazz blowers. Playful and rocking. Lots of sounds - and a wah-wah guitar. A good single, this! Hartley obviously surrounded himself with players of the highest quality.

"Halfbreed" DERAM SML 1037 (1969)
"Battle Of N.W. 6" DERAM SML 1054 (1970)
"The Time Is Near" DERAM SML 1071 (1970)
"Overdog" DERAM DSL 2 (1971)
"Little Big Band" DERAM SDL 4 (1971)
"Seventy Second Brave" DERAM SDL 9 (1972)
"Lancashire Hustler" DERAM SDL13 (1973)
"Dog Soldier" UNITED ARTISTS UAS 29769 (1975)

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