Robbie Blunt:

British guitar player, sidekick to Robert Plant of famed Led Zeppelin.

Excerpts from article in Guitar Player, Oct. '85:
Blunt's first gigs were at local clubs with a group called Butch Clutch & The Excellerators.
Robert Plant, who lived nearby, was fronting the Crawling Kingsnakes at the time, and on occasion he called on Robbie to fill in for his guitarist".
"In 1970, Robbie formed Bronco, a "flower-power" group that was influenced by the Buffalo Springfield, Country Joe & The Fish, and the Velvet Underground. He sang and played guitar on their "Country Home" and "Ace Of Sunlight" albums.
During his only U.S. tour with Bronco, he saw a musician who would change his course as a guitarist: "We'd been supporting Freddie King at the Whiskey in L.A., which was great, but seeing Duane Allman there with the Allman Brothers just blew me apart. I'd never seen anybody play slide. I went home and got all of his records and figured out his playing in an E open tuning. I learned every lick of his I could."
Robbie played slide extensively in his next groups, Silverhead and Broken Glass."
"Blunt appeared on "Broken Glass" (the album, ed's note) in 1975, and then joined a regrouping of Chicken Shack for 1978's "The Creeper" and "That's The Way We Are".

Chicken Shack disbanded after its1978 tour and Robbie went home to Kidderminster.
Gigged with Little Acre, toured and recorded with Steve Gibbons ("Street Parade" 1980) - and then took up contact with Robert Plant again. Which led to The Honeydrippers and work on Robert's solo albums.

Guitars and Amps Dept:
October '85: Main tool is a black '56 Fender Stratocaster with a '54 neck.
Also plays a red Strat hotrodded with Schecter gear and Kahler whammy bar - and a '64 Telecaster with a Parsons B bender.
For slide: an old Gibson Melody Maker with one humbucker.
Amps: Mesa/Boogie Mark II-B. For clean Fender sounds in the studio: Fender Princeton.