Steve Waller:

June 30 1951 - Febr. 6 2000
A colourful veteran guitarist & vocalist from the South London pub circuit, often found jamming with old pal Stevie Smith (Ruthless Blues) on harp.

Guitarist with The Attack from 1979/1980, first guitarist with Hershey & The 12 Bars (1981).

Hit it big as member of Manfred Mann's Earth Band 1979 - 1983, then returned to the pub gigs (The Half Moon, Herne Hill was a regular hangout) as leader of Steve Waller's Overload.

Tracing some albums featuring Steve Waller:
Roger Ruskin Spear: "Electric Shocks" UA UAS 29508 (1972)
Soul/jazz/funk with:
Gonzalez: "Haven't Stopped Dancin'" SIDEWALK SWK 2001 (1979)
Gonzalez: "Shipwrecked" CAPITOL (US) SW 11855 (?)
Who is this guy? A jazz saxophonist/flutist?
Raphael Ravenscroft: "Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway" PORTRAIT 35683 (1979)
Playing on the BIG stages: MMEB member 1979 - 1984:
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: "Angel Station" BRONZE BRON 516 (1979)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band: "Chance" BRONZE BRON 529 (1980)
Jimmy Hibbert: "Heavy Duty" LOGO 1021 (1980): assorted MMEB folks plus a.o. guitarist Geoff Whitehorn.
Southside: "Southside United Vol. 1" AB-FAB Records AB CD 007 (recorded 1981/1982, issued 1998).
Quote from Southside web page listed below: "Local heroes Steve Waller and Stevie Smith jammed regularly with the band. Steve Waller became a permanent addition, blending in perfectly with his superb guitar playing and outstanding vocals."

Steve Waller's Overload: "Night Life" CD (long overdue - recorded 1990, issued 2000) was reviewed in Blueprint Magazine, June 2000. Not much blues on this 45 minute set apart from the title cut - but still a fitting tribute to a much missed musician, the reviewer says.

Lineup of Overload on above CD:

  • Steve Waller: guitar, vocals
  • Pete Stroud: bass (Chuck Farley, Ruthless Blues, Peter Green's Splinter Group)
  • Glen Le Fleur: drums (with Gonzalez mid 70's, The Attack)

    Advertisement to the right is copied from "Capital M", July 1988.

    Check out the great Steve Waller photograph that Jean Cheesman so kindly sent to us!

    Manfred Mann Website: A tribute page
    Dick Lovejoy's Southside United web page (from which I borrowed b/w photo above left. Thanks!)
    "Southside United Vol. 1" - a page of Mikael Sandberg's excellent Geraint Watkins site