The Attack:

Group formed in 1966 around vocalist Richard Shirman.

Lineup of 1979/1980:
Richard 'Hershey' Shirman: vocals, harmonica (Hershey & The 12 Bars)
Mickey Jones: guitar (Man, Manipulator)
Steve Waller: guitar
Al Maclean: bass (Hershey & The 12 Bars, Manipulator)
Glen LeFleur: drums (with Gonzalez mid 70's, Steve Waller's Overload 1990).

Excerpt from Richard 'Hershey' Shirman's mail Febr. 8 2001
.. just thought I'd let you know about a forthcoming release from UNIVERSAL which is going to be their big release for the Summer (2001). It's called, "The In Crowd - the ultimate mod collection " (catalogue No. 5200492) and features many wonderful tracks - one hundred of them spread out over four CD's. There are people such as Otis Redding, James Brown (original 1961 recording of ' Think '), The Who, The Small Faces and, amongst many others, The Attack - my original 'sixties group ! ).

Not only that but the accompanying literature is largely made up of stories of the time quoting Jeff Dexter, the DJ at the legendary Middle Earth and the writer of this letter.

Apparently there are plans to release an Attack anthology within the next year or so which will include previously unreleased material.

Excerpt from Richard Shirman's mail Febr. 14 2001:
I know I mentioned the forthcoming UNIVERSAL release, "The In crowd - the ultimate mod collection" and I can tell you a bit more.
It's being released in, world-wide April and, as you would anticipate, there will be an album launch 'do'. I have been persuaded to play, as The Attack, at this. I shall, of course, be using the musicians whose latest offering (Hershey & the 12 Bars: "Greatest Hits Vol. 2") you have so positively reviewed.
Of course, we will be playing songs from The Attack's original repertoire and other tunes from that era.