Ruthless Blues:

Blues band, surfacing in the 80's.

Lineup in '85:
Johnny Mars: harmonica, vocals
John Knightsbridge: guitar (with Dana Gillespie in '78)
Paul McCallum: bass
Tony Fernandez: drums
Unclear about Stevie Smith and John Earle. Who were members by '88 anyway!
Jim McCarty of The Yardbirds seems to have preceded Tony Fernandez as the drummer.

Lineup on '89 album:
Stevie Smith: vocals and harmonica
John Knightsbridge: guitar
John 'Irish' Earle: sax
Martyn Taylor: bass
Tony Fernandez: drums

And here comes additional info from reader Steve Mortimer (

John 'Irish' Earle (sax & vocals) left in 1997/8. The band continued as a four piece, with Stevie Smith featuring more harp (harmonica), and John Knightsbridge's distinctive guitar breaks 'filling' the sax spots on some numbers.

1998/9 saw more changes !!! Peter Stroud (bass) ups and leaves for pastures greener (Peter Green's Splinter to be precise) and the band welcome back the irrepressable Andy Herbert.
John Knightsbridge (Guitar) has also moved on , being replaced by Martyn Taylor (former Bass player with Ruthless Blues and Stevie Smith's sidekick in the Retro Brothers).

This gives the current line up (June 2000):
Stevie Smith: vocals and harp (and boy, is he vocal !)
Martyn Taylor: guitar (and grimacing..)
Andy Herbert: bass (and stomping..)
Tony Fernandez: drums (and smiling)

"Ruthless!" live at Kingston Poly (1988)

"Ruthless Blues" PRESIDENT PTLS 1102 (1989)
"Sure Enough!" CD (1992)
"Ruthless Blues" CD (1989 album with 2 extra tracks)