Pete Farrugia of Mo' Indigo sent me a very helpful mail on Oct. 7 '98:
"I have a few extra details about the great Jimmy Roche for you. Jim was many years ago the main guitarist that inspired me to check out the Blues. He is a phenomenal player, and I remember many great nights in the South London pubs back in 1978-80, when he played with one of the best Blues bands that I've ever seen, who were called Southside.

The line-up of Southside was Ian Ellis (Vocals, Bass Guitar), Geraint Watkins (Vocals, Piano), Jimmy Roche (Guitar) and Dick Lovejoy (Drums). Ian and Jimmy also played with Nightlife in 1980 or so. Geraint is well known as one of the best boogie piano players in the UK. For many years he toured and recorded with Shakin' Stevens. He also released an album called Geraint Watkins and the Dominators, featuring Andy Fairweather-Low. Later on he released a single under the name Otis Watkins!

According to Shakey Vick, who I spoke to last night at the Station Tavern, Jimmy now lives in the Croydon area south of London, and often takes part in the Jazz jam sessions at the Gun Tavern.

During those great Southside gigs in the late 70s I vowed to practise and listen to Freddie, BB and Albert King records until I could play like Jimmy Roche. Ten years later, just as I thought I was getting there, I saw Jimmy play at the Plough in Stockwell, and he had also improved with another ten years of playing! I only seem to meet up with him now every five years or so, but he always remembers me - has was and is a great inspiration to me and many of my Blues musician friends."