Sam Kelly:

Inventive drummer with a personal style. Not yer average twelve bar basher. Very much in demand as list below shows.

Hershey & The Twelve Bars: early band lineup
Crucial Blues: late 80's
Chuck Farley: late 80's
Shakey Vick: band and '90 album "Night After Night"
Giles Hedley: since around '92
The Monday Band: late 90's
Station House: late 90's house band at The Station Tavern
The Blues of Cain: sister band to Station House
Johnny Whitehill: "Guitar Slinger" album '98
Sonny Black: band and later "Free Spirit" album '98
Big Daddy's Blues: Sept. '99
etcetera etcetera!

Don't miss interview in BLUEPRINT MAGAZINE March '99, when voted 1998 British Blues Connection 'Drummer of the Year'. Sam Kelly also earned same title in 1999.