The Blues of Cain:

Sister band to Station House, acting as backup or performing on their own. Leader of both outfits is much-in-demand drummer Sam Kelly.

"Considered some of the most formidable music professionals on the circuit having all played at times with the likes of Big Joe Turner, Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges, Robert Plant & Jimmy Page." (Johnny Adams, Blueprint Magazine Aug. '98)

T.J. Johnson: guitar
Peter Zivkovic: keyboards (Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges)
Dave Clarke: bass
Sam Kelly: drums

Backing band in '99 for Deacon Jones, the U.S. organ player, who also used Roger 'Mad Dog' Cohen (sometimes 2nd guitarist for Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges) as his lead guitarist .

Backing band on T.W. Henderson & The Blues of Cain: "The Wilderness Years" BLUETRACK RECORDS BRCD001 (1998)