Juice on the Loose:

Detail of cover of "Secret Life" (1988)
Photograph © Dave Peabody
"Juice On The Loose was formed in 1978 as a loose conglomeration of musicians to provide London with its own house-band, primarily for backing any visiting American rhythm & blues singers. Gradually, however, the band grew in popularity, the line-up crystalised and Juice On The Loose became one of the most consistently in-demand acts on the London R&B scene."

Says the band's promo sheet from 1986.

Pete Farrugia of Mo' Indigo sent me one of his helpful mails on Oct. 12 '98:

"Juice were one of the best bands to play the pub and club circuit in the 80s. They were formed by Ron Kavana (vocals and guitar), and the early line up also featured on Diz Watson (vocals and piano - Diz and the Doormen) and sometimes Geraint Watkins (vocals and piano - Southside, Balham Alligators). However the version I remember most was fronted by my old friend Les Walker (vocals - Warm Dust, Big Jim Sullivan Band).

Bam King (guitar, vcls - Action, Mighty Baby, Ace) and Ace drummer Fran Byrne also joined Juice on the Loose. Other members were Andy Winfield (guitar, vocals), Charlie Hart (bass - Kilburn and the High Roads, Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance) and Frank Mead (sax and harmonica - Mickey Jupp, sessions). Frank often plays with the Big Town Playboys now.

Ron Kavana went on to form a band called Alias Ron Kavana. After leaving Juice, Les Walker formed a band called Cooking Tonite, with myself: Pete Farrugia (guitar and vocals), Adrian 'BW' Wallis (Southside Dynamos, bass), Tony Tuohy (drums - he went on to play with Samson) and John 'Charlie' Whitney, the excellent guitarist who had previously been in Family and Streetwalkers."
"Drummer Paul Atkinson (often spelled Aitkenson!?) has previously seen action with Bees Make Honey, the Mickey Jupp Band and Little Sister" says the band's promo sheet from '86.

"Malcolm Hoskins (also ex-Little Sister) has joined Juice on the Loose in place of Charlie Hart on bass" says the "Capital M" booklet of April '88. And the "Highly Strung" booklet of Jan. '89 mentions Charlie as a member of The Palladinos - on violin!

Album 1981Oct. 1986Album 1988
Ron Kavana: lead guitar, lead vcls
Bam King: rhythm guitar, vocals
Charlie Hart: bass, vcls, accordion, piano
Fran Byrne: drums
Nick Pentelow: saxophones

Among album guests:
Geraint Watkins: piano
Ed Deane: slide guitar
Les Walker: vocals
Andy Winfield: guitar, vocals
Bam King: guitar, vocals
Charlie Hart: bass, accordion
Paul Atkinson: drums
Frank Mead: saxophones
Andy Winfield: guitar, lead vocals
Bam King: guitar, vocals
Richard Simmons: keyboards
Charlie Hart: bass
Paul Atkinson: drums, vocals
Frank Mead: saxophones, harmonica

"Juice On The Loose" JOOS 1 / CHISWICK (1981)
"Secret Life" BRAND NEW RECORDS / LINE LILP 4.00504 J (1988)

"Six Pack" (1985): an amazing cassette!
Six soul tinged songs, produced by Paul Carrack, for sale at their gigs. Great stuff!
"Lonely Teardrops" (Gordy/Carlo/Gordy), "Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday" (Bell/Jones), "Pouring Water On A Drowning Man" (Baker/McCormick), "Careless With Our Love" (Davis/Johnson), "748 Texas" (Jerry McCain), "Morning Glory" (MacGayden).

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