Les Walker:

Pete Farrugia of Mo' Indigo sent me another helpful mail on Oct. 12 '98:

"Les is an extraordinary vocalist who has moved back from London to his home near Burnley, Lancashire where he still makes a living singing in the clubs. His first notable band in the early 70s was Warm Dust - together with Paul Carrack (keyboards, vocals), Alan 'Bam' King (guitar, vocals) and Tex Comer (bass). When Les left to start a solo career, these three formed the hugely successful Ace. Later on (mid-70s) , Les joined Tiger, a great Jazz-Rock band led by London's leading session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan. Among the other members of Tiger were Nicky Moore (vocals) who went on to join heavy metal band Samson, and now sings in Nicky Moore's Blues Corporation.

Les's next band (late 70s, early 80s) was Southside Dynamos, who featured myself: Pete Farrugia (guitar and vocals), Andrew Kelly (drums), Adrian Wallis (bass), and Brett Harris (keyboard)s. In the early '60s, Brett had been the guitarist in the hit pop group Bern Elliot and the Fen Men."
Les Walker then joined Juice on the Loose: "one of the best bands to play the pub and club circuit in the 80s".
"Bam King and Ace drummer Fran Byrne also joined Juice on the Loose. Other members were Andy Winfield (guitar, vocals), Charlie Hart (bass) and Frank Mead (sax and harmonica). Frank often plays with the Big Town Playboys now.

Ron Kavana went on to form a band called Alias Ron Kavana. After leaving Juice, Les Walker formed a band called Cooking Tonite, with myself: Pete Farrugia (guitar and vocals), Adrian 'BW' Wallis (Southside Dynamos, bass), Tony Tuohy (drums - he went on to play with Samson) and John 'Charlie' Whitney, the excellent guitarist who had previously been in Family and Streetwalkers."

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