Balham Alligators:

Stars of the 'South London Delta'.

Lineup late 80's:

Geraint Watkins: vocals, piano, accordion
Robin McKidd: guitar, fiddle, harmonica, vocals
Gary Rickard: guitar, vocals
Pete Dennis: bass
Kieron O'Connor: drums (also with Diz Watson's outfit: Diz & the Doormen)
Lineup late 90's:

Geraint Watkins

Robin McKidd

Gary Rickard

Paul Riley: bass

Bobby Irwin: drums

"Balham Alligators" SPECIAL DELIVERY SPD 1002 (1987)
"Life In The Bus Lane" SPECIAL DELIVERY SPD 1018 (1988)
"Gateway To The South" PROPER RECORDS PRPCD1 (1996)
"A Po' Boy 'N' Make It Snappy" PROPER RECORDS PRPCD5


Proper Records

Mikael Sandberg's Geraint Watkins site:
Excellent biography on Mr. Watkins! A must to visit!