Led by drummer Jon Hiseman. Who replaced Ginger Baker in the Graham Bond Organization 1966. Followed by six months with Georgie Fame and then John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. Where his old friend Tony Reeves played bass and where he met Dick Heckstall-Smith (sax).

They formed Colosseum with another old friend: Dave Greenslade (keyboard). Looking for a guitarist they first recruited Jimmy Roche. But very soon he was replaced by James Litherland - who later founded James Litherland's Brotherhood.
Mr. Litherland successor in Colosseum became Dave 'Clem' Clempson (on Les Paul Standard/Laney. Former guitarist of Bakerloo). And Mark Clarke replaced Tony Reeves. And then Chris Farlowe grabbed the mike stand...

A follow up band, Colosseum II, kept the flag flying, this time with Don Airey on keyboards. Gary Moore, yet another fleet fingered guitarist, joined in 1976 for three albums ('76-'77).
"Walking In The Park" (Bond)/"Those About To Die" (Colosseum) FONTANA TF 1029 (1969).
Features original guitarist James Litherland.
A-Side: Intense blues with explosive reeds, rumbling bass, desperately shouted vocals and wah-wah guitar break. Everything kicks wildly, everybody's working overtime. Then the brakes are applied - and a big band ending!

B-Side: First a frantic Hammond 12-bar. Then big brass arangement. And then a busy guitar solo. And then a slower, cooler organ solo - a bit Santana. And then marching drums...And then... Impressive, immensely competent. But as a single?

Not everybody took kindly to the jazz/rock sounds that the Colosseum was purveying:
Review of the "Live" album in U.S. "Creem" magazine, Jan. '72: You cannot make everybody happy, can you?

"Those Who Are About To Die" FONTANA STLS 5510 (1969)
"Valentyne Suite" VERTIGO VO1 (1969)
"Daughter Of Time" VERTIGO 6360 017 (1970)
"Live" BRONZE ICD1 (1971)
"Collectors Colosseum" BRONZE ILPS 9173 (1971)

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