Jimmy Roche:

Veteran fastfinger guitarist. According to Bob Brunning he played with the dance band blues pianist Bob Hall had at school and was: "...a boy wonder guitar player who has since worked with any number of blues bands".

Played for a very short period with Colosseum in the early days - just before Litherland's arrival. 1968?

In 1970 Jimmy Roche was in the band Boris with Don Weller (sax) and Jamie Muir (drums, later in King Crimson). Then he and Weller joined East of Eden for a few months (playing on East Of Eden's "New Leaf" album of '71).

For the whole of the 70s, Roche and Weller were in the band Major Surgery (until at least 1978). (Thanks to Aymeric Leroy for info!)

Then Jimmy Roche went full time into the blues with Southside (1978-1980)

Nightlife (around 1980)
together with Ian Ellis, vocals and bass (with Clouds '69-'71 and Savoy Brown '76-'78), and
Mac Poole, drums (Gong, Warhorse '72, Broken Glass '75 with Webb/Blunt/Anderson).

And then Jimmy is appearing as guitarist with Rocket 88 and Hershey & The Twelve Bars in 1988
and goes on to Crucial Blues in the same year.

Joined Shakey Vick Blues Band and is featured on their "Sunday Night & Saturday Morning" cassette, live at the Carnarvon Castle, Camden, London ELEFANZTRUNK RECORDS ET2004-C (1989). With Al Vincent on second lead guitar.

Member of Big Daddy's Blues in Sept. 99.

Gigged with Wolfie Witcher And His Brew in Nov. '99.

Editor's footnote:
I saw Shakey Vick's band in London around '89, in the Carnarvon Castle . I distinctly remember two extremely competent guitarist, sharing the lead work between themselves:
one bearded gentleman, playing very focused and pure Clapton/Bluesbreaker guitar on a Gibson SG, and one cleanshaven gentleman with round wire-rimmed glasses, doing it a bit more extravagantly: more speed, more notes, more show - and a black Gibson Les Paul Custom.
So I asked my readers: "Which one was Mr. Roche?"
And now (July '98) Big Joe Louis kindly mailed me: "By the way, you asked about Jimmy Roche playing with Shakey Vick - the tall guy with the beard is Al Vincent (who still sometimes plays with Shakey) and the smaller one with glasses was Jimmy Roche."