James Litherland:

An ambitious guitarist, once of Colosseum ( feat. on "Those Who Are About To Die" album from 1969).
Left to form James Litherland's Brotherhood.

James Litherland's Brotherhood was a six piece with three guys on reeds (one of them also doubling on second guitar). The brass was arranged to a certain point only - on a live gig the solos could go every which way. Much rougher than Blood, Sweat & Tears or Chicago - and that was fully intentional.

The band evolved into Mogul Thrash. Featured John Wetton - later on bass with Family. Their (only) album "Mogul Thrash" (1971) was produced by Brian Auger who also tinkled the ivories on one track.

Tracing James Litherland's career finds him featured on the following albums:
Edwards Hand: "Stranded" (1971)
Long John Baldry: "Everything Stops For Tea" (1973)
Leo Sayer: "Just A Boy" (1974)
Bandit: "Bandit" (1977)

I do not know much of James Litherland's later activities, apart from his appearing at some Alexis Korner memorial concert(s). However, I did find him on Steve Marriott's album "30 Seconds To Midnite", recorded in 1989. Fluid, bluesy guitar, standing out from the too synthesized background.