Gary Moore:

Les Paul-toting Irishman with a penchant for the sounds of Peter Green. Born in Belfast '52. Joined tough Irish threepiece Skid Row in '68, at that time feat. Phil Lynott on vocals. Spent the 70's playing with Gary Moore Band, Phil Lynott once again in Thin Lizzy (1974), Colosseum II (joined 1976) and Thin Lizzy again in 1979 (album "Black Rose"). Plus recording two solo albums "Grinding Stone" (1973) and "Back On The Streets" (1978). The year 1980 saw him across the waters in innovative Los Angeles group G-Force, playing a heady concoction of metal, soul and funk.

And then his solo career brightened, slowly but surely. "Parisienne Walkways" became a big singles hit in the U.K. in the spring of '79, enchanting the listeners with a bluesy guitar solo with masterful sustain.

Creem Magazine, Oct. '80

So why is this guy featured in the 'Knights In Blue Denim'?

The 90's saw a row of (OK - more or less) blues albums by Gary Moore, starting off with bestselling "Still Got The Blues" VIRGIN CDV 2612 (1990), continuing with "After Hours" VIRGIN CDV 2684 (1992) and ending with "Blues For Greeny" VIRGIN CDV 2784 (1995). The track list of the last album displays that he IS a true disciple of Peter Green of the Fleetwood Mac era.

Blues For Greeny
1. If You Be My Baby
2. Long Grey Mare
3. Merry Go Round
4. I Loved Another Woman
5. Need Your Love So Bad
6. The Same Way
7. The Supernatural
8. Driftin'
9. Showbiz Blues
10. Love That Burns
11. Looking For Somebody

In 1994 another venture was launched: BBM boasting Messrs. Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, rhythm section of the legendary Cream plus our Mr. Moore. Resulting in the album "Around the Next Dream". Guess acting the role of 'Cream guitarist' WAS fulfilling a dream. Who wouldn't think so?

The year 2001 sees the arrival of a new Gary Moore solo album named "Back To The Blues" in the shops. Very similar to "Still Got The Blues" some critics say. Bad or good, that's up to you.