Zoot Money:

X-Mas Greeting from '68
A gifted keyboardist - and a gifted comedian - Zoot led in the mid 60's a live extravaganza called Zoot Money's Big Roll Band. The eminent Delerium website says thus:
"They played a sophisticated form of R&B tinged with soul and a splatter of jazz. They soon became a very popular live attraction, particularly on the London club circuit. Money was a great showman who loved dressing up and they became quite popular, yet despite this they only enjoyed one hit single, Big Time Operator."
The powerful Big Roll Band featured at times Paul Williams, vocals & bass, Andy Somers/Summers on guitar and Colin Allen on drums.

Zoot Money, Andy Summers and Colin Allen formed Dantalion's Chariot (psychedelia times!) in July '67 out of the ashes of the Big Roll Band.
Paul Williams instead went to John Mayall (late '67 - early '68, feat. on bass on one track on the "Looking Back" retrospective collection) and then to Juicy Lucy as their new forceful front figure, replacing Ray Owens.

When Dantalion's Chariot broke down Money & Summers joined forces with Eric Burdon, went to the States and recorded "Love Is" in '68. (Colin Allen in his turn joined John Mayall and appeared on John's "Laurel Canyon" album in '69). Zoot Money's handiwork can also be found on Eric's less-than-masterpiece album "Every One Of Us".

Zoot also took the opportunity of recording a solo album called "Welcome To My Head" when in the U.S.
Back to London in '69, starting his own Zoot Money's Music Band (feat. Mick Moody on guitar).
Played with various U.K. 'progressive' outfits (Ellis for one), sometimes reuniting with Eric Burdon (for example in '77 on Eric's "Survivor"), entered a career as an actor. And it rolled on.

In '95 a member of Alan Price & the Electric Blues Company. Alan Price was of course once an Animal - together with Eric Burdon.

Some albums:
Zoot Money's Big Roll Band:
"Were You There?" INDIGO IGOXCD 518 (1999), recently discovered live recordings from 1966 with Andy Summers (guitar), Johnny Almond (sax), Paul Williams (bass + some vocals) a.o.

"Fully Clothed & Naked" INDIGO IGOXCD 529 (2000). Prev. unreleased - recorded on the road 1966.

Zoot Money:
"Welcome To My Head" CAPITOL 318 (1969)
"Mr. Money" MAGIC MOON MPL LUNE 1 (1980)

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