Mick Taylor:

A young Mick, guitar in hand, entered the truly big league when leaving the Hatfield-based band The Gods for John Mayall's Bluesbreakers!

Quote from Guitar Player, Aug. '92 issue:
"He became a part of blues history at age 17, following Eric Clapton and Peter Green as lead guitarists for John Mayall's band. He toured extensively and played on five albums and then, at age 20, joined the Rolling Stones.
Taylor's soulful licks spouted from either a Fender Strat, a Gibson SG with a Bigsby tailpiece, or a '58 sunburst Les Paul that he bought from Keith Richards before joining the Stones. He favored Marshall 50-watt tops with 4x12 cabinets..."

Post Rolling Stones he maintained a low profile, finally beginning a row of solo albums. His career is examined in detail on the web sites specified below.

Late 90's finds him fronting an outfit called Mick Taylor's All Star Blues Band and brandishing a red striped Gibson Les Paul Standard and a black stratshaped Vigier (slide) going through a Fender The Twin (red knobs) and a Marshall combo.

Mick Taylor's All Star Blues Band (1999):

Mick Taylor: vocals, guitar
Max Middleton: keyboards
(long time sideman of Jeff Beck)
Robert Ahwai: rhythm guitar
Kuma Harada: bass (w. Heart And Soul mid 80's)
Jeff Allen: drums

Please have a look at our own photos from the Oct. 7 '99 gig at The Station Tavern, London with Mick Taylor's All Star Blues Band.
This was an amazingly great gig, mixing elements of everything from Jimi Hendrix, modern jazz, Allman Bros. to Jeff Beck into a palatable fusion. L-o-n-g songs and very difficult to translate into a successful studio album, I fear!

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