To quote Bob Brunning: "An excellent London r'n'b band run by Ron Wood's brother, Art".
Group was founded in '63 or '64 by Art Wood, evolving out of Red Bludd's Bluesicians (Wood/Griffiths/Lord/Don Wilson a.k.a. Red Bludd on bass /Reg Dunnage on drums). Popular in U.K. clubs, but also on the Continent, for example Denmark and Poland.
Changed its name to St. Valentine Day's Massacre when Keef Hartley left in '67 - but dissolved soon thereafter.

Art Wood: vocals
(ex-Blues Incorporated with Cyril Davies and Alexis Korner. Went solo after Artwoods' demise.)

Derek Griffiths: guitar
(and on to sessions, to Mike Cotton Sound, G.B. Blues Co., Wicked)

Jon Lord: keyboard
(and on to Deep Purple)

Malcolm Pool: bass
(on to sessions)

Keef Hartley: drums
(and in '67 on to John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. After which he formed his own Keef Hartley Band)

"Art Gallery" DECCA LK 4830 (1964)
"Jazz In Jeans" EP DECCA DFE 8654 (1966)