Chris Youlden:

Main claim to fame: tophatted vocalist in furs with Savoy Brown for four albums ('68 - '70).
According to Mike Vernon of the record label BLUE HORIZON Chris Youlden is the U.K. singer closest to Bobby Bland. That's quite a praise...

Journalist Lester Bangs in "Creem" magazine June '72:

Before Savoy Brown he was a member of Shakey Vick's Big City Blues Band.

After Savoy Brown (which he left because of too heavy touring and the band's musical development towards the heaviness of a Led Zepppelin - not his cup of tea) he recorded two solo albums:
"Nowhere Road" DERAM SML 1099 (1973)
"City Child" DERAM SML 1112 (1974)

The "City Child" album featured eminent musicians like Derek Griffiths (from Artwoods and Mike Cotton Sound) and Jack Mills (of Brian Auger's Oblivion Express) on guitars and Pete Wingfield (of Jellybread) on keyboards.

Mr. Youlden then left music for sociology studies - but returned in the '80s to the London R&B scene. An advert for the "Station Tavern" in June '88 reveals Chris Youlden performing with The Slammers.