Victor Brox:

Keyboards and vocals - plus some guitar and cornet - with The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: Four albums issued '68 - '70.

From then on appearing as member of bluesy outfits or as guest on several bluesy albums (vocals and sometimes keyboards), more often than not together with his highly talented wife Annette Brox (vocals & percussion).

Sweet Pain: "Sweet Pain" MERCURY SMCL20146 (1969) feat. Dick Heckstall-Smith (sax), John O'Leary (harp), Keith Tillman (bass) a.o.

Ring Of Truth (1970) feat. Jim King of Family on saxophone.
Graham Bond's "Holy Magick" in 1971.
Alexis Korner's "Bootleg Him" in 1972.
Screaming Lord Sutch's "Hands Of Jack The Ripper" in 1972.
Victor's and Annette's own album "Rollin' Back" SONET SNTF 663 was issued in 1974 .

And then on to the Blues Train. Peter Feenstra wrote in the British Blues Review, June '88:
"Brox often worked on the London scene in the late 70's and early 80's, complete with woolly hat forever perched on his head. A short period followed with Mainsqueeze, in the company of John O'Leary, Dick Heckstall Smith, Eric Bell etc. The band cut one album, having played together some months as Bo Diddley's band. Brox seemed to disappear from view for a while, but is to be found alive, well and kicking up a storm in and around Manchester with the Victor Brox Blues Train.
For a man who once appeared in the doomed "Jesus Christ, Superstar", Brox appears to have retained his credibility as a bluesman."
As for the career of harpist John O'Leary, please check out his most informative website below which fills up many gaps in this page...