Victor Brox Blues Train:

Victor Brox on vocals and powerful piano - plus an assortment of friends.

Michael Coogan in the British Blues Review, June '89 on Manchester gigs, featuring material like "Evil", "Back Door Man", "Big Boss Man", "Framed" and "Southbound Train":
"He is a proper blues singer, Victor, although he has the air of the Edwardian impressario towards the musicians who are fortunate enough to play with him. When it feels right for a guitar solo, he shouts out to whoever is on the guitar. It may be Chris "Dangerous" Jones (whom I consider to be his best guitarist) on his worse-for-wear Sunburst Strat. It may be "Sparky" Clarke, whose playing bears a striking resemblance to that of Albert King. It could be Nick Middleton whom I am afraid I have yet to hear although I am told his talents are formidable too. The harp player may be Graham Roberts, Clive Mellor, D J Kane, or Scotty Davis. Bass guitar may be Steve Ojay, Paul Brierly, or Steve Drummond (apologies to those I don't know). I do not know the names of all the drummers I have seen playing with Victor; I believe one of them is named Bill."
"Talking of soloists I am not forgetting Doc Holliday who provides help in the way of plumbing, nor am I forgetting Victor's own horn-playing on these strange-looking silver instruments he always has handy. I must include too the guy who sits on the side and plays African drums."

Nick says: "this link (which) has rare photo’s of Victor Brox, Paul ‘Dangerous’ Jones and myself Nick ‘Sparky’ Clarke, recording ‘Cold Blooded Women’ for Paul Jones radio BBC 2 show. Circa late 80’s."

Nick ' Sparky' Clarke also says: "I've also put up some MP3's on my other site of some tracks I recorded with Victor and No Change in 1979-80. These are the earliest studio recordings of 'Cold Blooded Woman' and 'Freedom Train' - I've also done a ProTools remix of Freedom Train . I rediscovered dozens of master tapes so I will be slowly digitizing them over the next year."