Steve Simpson:

Detail from Meal Ticket:
"Code Of The Road"
LOGO RECORDS INS 3008 (1977)
Photo © Graves/Aslett Assoc. London
Steve Kennedy, in his mail of Nov. 6 '98, tells me about Steve Simpson:

"(The) former Ronnie Lane Band (Slim Chance) multi-instrumentalist, former Frankie Miller guitarist and current Roger Chapman guitarist.
Aside from this Steve also gigs alongside Micky Moody and Malcolm Hoskins, the bass player from Little Sister."

Dig that snazzy period piece album cover on the left?
The late 70's country rock outfit Meal Ticket did feature Steve Simpson as one of the guitarists. Plus Willy Finlayson and Ray Flacke. Fearsome!
A real trooper, Steve Simpson has provided Roger Chapman's band with guitar & slide guitar, mandolin and backup vocals ever since album "Hyenas Only Laugh For Fun", issued in '81.

He also joined in on the fun of Chapman's backup band's own album:
The Shortlist: "The Riffburglar Album (Funny Cider Sessions, Vol. 1)" (1982), donning the splendid artist name Suede Soupspoon. On guitar, electric slide, violin and accordion. A versatile gentleman in all respects.

Also a member of Heart And Soul in the mid 80's and of Chuck Farley in the late 80's: two bands with an impressive cast of musicians.

"Alive and Well" SOUPSPOON RECORDS CD1198 (solo album recorded in 1998)

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