Frankie Miller:

Soul-blues-rock singer from Glasgow, idolizing Sam Cooke and Ray Charles.
Backup band on first album (1973) provided by those great pub rockers Brinsley Schwarz.
Second album (1974) recorded in New Orleans and produced by Allen Toussaint.
Third album (1975) recorded in San Francisco featured the Frankie Miller Band: finally his own outfit featuring a.o. Mick Weaver on keyboards and Henry McCullough on guitar (both ex-The Grease Band etc.).
Fourth album (1977) displayed a new band, this time with Ray Minhinnett on guitar.
1978 tours could sometimes feature Mick Moody playing his trusty guitar.
Sixth album (1979) gave you Tim Renwick (guitar), Steve Simpson (guitar), Ed Deane (guitar), Tex Comer (bass), Fran Byrne (drums) - and more.
Seventh album (1980) used seasoned U.S. country rock pros like Reggie Young, Joe Osborn and Larry Londin.

Fourth album "Full House" was a minor hit in Sweden and was found in the most unlikely record collections. Otherwise, Frankie deserved a greater following than he acquired.

His songwriting did result in hits for other artists, though. Isn't "It's A Heartache" by Bonnie Tyler one of those?

Albums are obviously becoming available again on CD!

I received the following information in autumn 2000 through the Knights In Blue Denim web forum:
"Frankie suffered a massive brain haemorrhage a few years back and is now unable to speak but remains as charismatic as ever."

Albums (from the beginning):
"Once In A Blue Moon" CHRYSALIS CHR 1036 (1973)
"High Life" CHRYSALIS CHR 1052 (1974)
"The Rock" CHRYSALIS CHR 1088 (1975)
"Full House" CHRYSALIS CHR 1128 (1977)
"Double Trouble" CHRYSALIS CHR 1174 (1978)
"Falling In Love" CHRYSALIS CHR 1220 (1979)
"Easy Money" CHRYSALIS CHR 1268 (1980)

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