Killing Floor:

Mick Clarke: guitar (later founded Mick Clarke Band)
Bill Thorndycraft: vocals, harp
Lou Martin: piano (to Rory Gallagher Band and later to Mick Clarke Band, not surprisingly)
Stuart MacDonald: bass
Baz Smith: drums

Information above and below has been sent to us by Mick Clarke himself. Bio below is quoted verbatum. Many thanks!

Killing Floor was formed in 1968 and finished in 1972. In that time we released two albums "Killing Floor" and "Out of Uranus" (cover above right). The original five-piece lineup was very much part of the "blues boom" of '68-'69 and we did all the London gigs of the time, Klooks Kleek etc, and played at the Marquee opening for The Nice and Yes! We were also lucky enough to back Freddie King on two U.K. tours and through that got to meet Otis Spann and Howlin' Wolf! Not bad.

Later the band cut down to a four piece while Lou was doing other things, and we did some work in Europe, but eventually the line-up fell apart completely (we were young!) Towards the end the band included various new musicians including Ray Owen (Juicy Luicy), Mick Hawksworth (Andromeda - Fuzzy Duck - Ten Years Later) and Rod DeAth (Rory Gallagher Band). Actually the later music was some of the best, but never recorded. Eventually we teamed up with Cliff Bennett and became the final version of Toefat.

The two albums are still available in Germany on Repertoire Records, and apparently continue to sell.

"Killing Floor" SPARK SRLP 102 (1970). Reissued on CD in the late 90's.
"Out Of Uranus" PENNY FARTHING PELS 511 (1970)
Repertoire Records