Brian Knight:

Sometimes guitarist (and driver) for Blues Incorporated, early sixties pioneer r&b group with Alexis Korner (guitar, vocals) and Cyril Davies (impressive on harmonica) as main men.

The London's R&B pub Station Tavern featured The Brian Knight Band in Febr. '89.
And nine years later the Troubadour Coffee House did the same on Febr. 20 '98. "...returns with his blues and boogie combo. A great vocalist, slide guitarist and harmonica player, he is well worth checking out", "Time Out" wrote.

In my shelves I found an album made in 1980 for PVK: "A Dark Horse" PVK BRY 1.
Mr. Knight sings and plays slide guitar and harmonica. Some original material.
Supported by the likes of Peter Green, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Ian Stewart, Charlie Watts...
I think I've seen another much more recent comeback album, too.