Bob Brunning:

Bob Brunning to the right on trusty Fender
Well connected & respected veteran bassist Bob Brunning has merits from his own two outfits Brunning Hall Sunflower Blues Band and the more recent De Luxe Blues Band. Plus short periods with Fleetwood Mac as their first bassist - and with Savoy Brown as well. Also once a member of a loose, late 60's - early 70's "recordings-only" outfit referred to as Tramp.

Bob Brunning seems to lead two lives: he is also a person of responsibility at a London school - this leading to periods of rest for his current band. But now and then a gig at a festival, an album for an enthusiast label... Seems like Mr. Brunning found the key to a good life!

Bob Brunning's activities these days? Do check out
  "BB's Blues Club"
Go Ahead!
click album cover for the De Luxe Blues Band!

Mr. Brunning is also the author of a unique book:
"Blues: The British Connection" originally published in '86 (see also the "Literature" page) and reissued. An excellent work on the U.K. blues scene through the years. Fact-filled and well-indexed - as well as humorous. I simply can't recommend it enough!