Blind Faith:

This was the era of the super group, of getting it together in a country cottage and (too soon) returning with a three album set packaged in expensive velvety cardboard (got scratches in the shop already) or, preferably, in a perfect replica of your grandmother's biscuit box.

Too bad half the tracks were formless jams that you duly listened to once, muttered something about "certain improvisational brilliance" and never touched with a needle again. Some album tracks in my shelves from that era are still in mint condition.

Saturday, June 7, 1969: Blind Faith's debut in London!!

An audience of approximately 100.000 (including my sister & me) congregated at The Cockpit in Hyde Park to see the most super of super groups:
Blind Faith, featuring the star lineup of Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker (ex-Cream), Stevie Winwood (ex-Traffic) and Rick Grech (ex-Family). With supporting acts: Third Ear Band, Edgar Broughton Band, Ritchie Havens and Donovan.

The supports hardly made us dance in the aisles (if there had been any), but Blind Faith were good. Very unlike (our favourites) The Cream: more lightweight, more transparent, more subdued. And too few Clapton solos, if you ask me! Still, Clapton was cool and impressive: sporting a new haircut (as always), a dark blue jacket and a neat Tele/Strat hybrid. Best song to me: "Under My Thumb". Why they didn't put their version of this classic on their debut album is a mystery of the magnitude of "Marie Celeste".

Still, I was more impressed by Heavy Jelly at The Lyceum.

"Blind Faith" POLYDOR 583 059 (1969)