Oh yes: a wordplay on the band name Man. Or?
I do not know much about this outfit - only the identities of two players:
Micky Jones: guitar (of Man band fame, of course), and
Al Maclean: bass (now with Hershey & The Twelve Bars).

Hershey's band has the following story on Mr. Maclean on their web page:
" Started his career with VOICE SQUAD, KOKOME and the like. Progressed to bass with bands such as THE ATTACK, MANIPULATOR (with Welsh legend Mickey Jones) and now plays with the highly rated Paul Cox and SOUL INTENTION and THE JOHN SLAUGHTER BLUES BAND. The best singer In the band and everyone's favorite Aunt."

I mailed Tim Whitcombe, who maintains the excellent website "The Man Band Home Page" (see link under "Man" entry). What did he know about Manipulator?
"All I really know is that it was a band Micky Jones played with after Man split and before they reformed. I think I read somewhere that they were just a duo, but I could be wrong. As far as I know, nothing was ever recorded. Shame, MJ is simply one of the best guitarists I have ever heard... and he seems to get better with age !"
So far Tim Whitcombe.
More information invited!