No: Man never was a blues band. They were (and are still, thankfully) a glorious Welsh congregation of imaginative musicians, often influenced by the best 60's and 70's acid rock out of California.
However, as far as I can gather, these days they seem to appear both now and then at venues of the "R&B Circuit" of Britain, elbow to elbow with purer 12-bar purveyors. And since Man is a favourite band of mine, I'll include them anyway...

Recent lineup - assorted Man stalwarts:
Micky Jones: guitar
Deke Leonard: guitar, vocals, keyboard
Martin Ace: bass
Terry Williams: drums

The high point of their sound was always for me the twin guitar interplay of Micky Jones & Deke Leonard - sometimes strictly out of the school of Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Guitars & amp dept:
According to an interview in "Guitar Player Magazine", Febr. '77:
Micky Jones: old Gibson Les Paul with SG body and Bigsby tailpiece. Fender Stratocaster with rosewood neck and leather pickguard. Played through a Fender Twin Reverb - which just had replaced Micky's Ampeg VT22 because of the Fender's clearer sound.
Deke Leonard: Gibson SG Custom for standard work. Fender Telecaster for slide.

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