The Yardbirds - late 90's lineup: (photo kindly supplied by Steve Kennedy & Associates)
Drums and Vocals

Apart from the late Keith Relf, Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty were the only members of the Yardbirds who remained part of the group throughout its glorious existence - and now they are enjoying its second coming. Back in the Sixties, Chris and Jim were the engine room of the Yardbirds. Their undoubted flair on their respective instructions proved a solid backbone for the band'' sonic pyrotechnics Alongside his crucial role as Yardbirds drummer, Jim McCarty co-wrote the group's classic songs "Shapes of Things" and "Still I'm Sad" and has been involved in a wide range of projects including Renaissance with Keith Relf, recording his own solo albums and continuing to write.

Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals and Percussion

When the group was formed in 1963, Chris Dreja played rhythm guitar - switching to bass in 1966 when Jimmy Page joined as co-lead guitarist to Jeff Beck. Over the years he has contributed to the writing of many of the Yardbirds original songs. Since the band's split in 1968, Chris has enjoyed an equally successful career in design and photography. In the mid-eighties Chris and Jim, along with former member Paul Samwell-Smith formed the Box of Frogs, writing all the material and recording two critically acclaimed albums which proved to be the precursor to today's Yardbirds reformation. With their creative and highly original style, they are truly a rhythm section for the ages.

Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Already a guitar legend in Britain as a result of his records in the Seventies and Eighties with Dr Feelgood (he was co-writing with Nick Lowe their biggest hit "Milk and Alcohol") Gypie carries on the mantle of Yardbirds lead guitarist previously held by Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. With his wildly inventive playing, passion, versatility and skill, he is their natural successor, fast establishing himself as worthy to carry on the Yardbirds legacy as the chosen one.

Bass and Lead Vocals

Visually exciting new front man with the Yardbirds is John Idan. Reared by rhythm and blues-loving parents and having discovered deep love of the blues at an early age, with his astonishing range he is simply riveting. His charismatic stage presence, richly intense vocals and highly musical bass playing have made him hugely popular both with the music press and with audiences world-wide. Mesmerising and most blueswailing indeed.

Harmonica, Backing Vocals and Percussion

Previously a member of the highly popular r'n'b band Nine Below Zero, recording four albums with them in the early Nineties, Alan has also recorded and performed with Alannah Myles, Alvin Lee, Dr Feelgood, Little Axe and reggae artist Junior Delgado. Along with his stunning and soulful harmonica playing, Alan has also gained a reputation and devoted following for his lively and eccentric stage persona.

(Text © Steve Kennedy)