Powerful trio featuring Peter Bardens on keyboards. Once upon a time leader of Peter B's Looners (with Peter Green)... Shotgun Express (with Rod Stewart)... And in a distant future he would be transformed to a Camel (eat your heart out, Franz Kafka!).

"Man In The Moon" (Peter Bardens)/"Long Time Coming" (Peter Bardens, Bruce Thomas, Bill Porter) HEAD HDS 4002 (1969)
Reported to be the U.K.'s first stereo single. And they do use the stereo...

A-Side: Vocal cut. Pop - simple and repetitive. At least considering that Peter B is at the helm. It's no bubbelgum! Burbling organ and a long break in the middle.

B-Side: Intense instrumental. Pushing organ, lots of "swish/swosh" sounds, marching drums, xylophone sounds...  Far out. British psychedelia. Guess this is how the band WISHED to sound.

Nitpicker's complaint: Ugly yellow label like a hairdresser's ad... But I don't blame Peter B!

After two years they had still only recorded this single. They broke up - "a combination of dope and lack of exposure" according to a Peter B interview in Beat Instrumental Sept. 71. He has just formed his new band: On.