Tim Renwick:
(From official artist biography)

Born in Cambridge, England on 7.8.1949, currently resident in Cornwall, England.

1970 Founder member of Quiver in Ladbroke Grove, London with Cal Bachelor, a Canadian guitarist who departed upon the merge with The Sutherland Brothers, Iain and Cavin in late 1973.

Tim left the band in 1976 after sampling the highs and lows of touring the world SB&Q, including a wonderful USA arena tour supporting Elton John and having several hit records around the world.

Tim says "Looking back, it's easy to see career mistakes that were made along the way. I certainly found that I could make a better living as a freelance player and writer than I could with a group. However I missed the comradeship of being in a band quite a lot - it's a strong bonding experience".

"As a free agent, I became involved with regular recording stints with Barry Gibb from the Bee Gees in Florida and backing such artists as Andy Gibb and Dionne Warwick. I made a solo album for CBS Records in 1978, then two albums with studio band 'Lazy Racer' for A&M Records, which was produced and conceived by Glyn Johns".

Tim recorded extensively with Al Stewart, including work on 'Year Of The Cat' and touring the USA with him. In 1980 he joined Elton John's band and went off touring the world with him. In 1982 Mike Oldfield - 1983 Roger Waters - 1985 Eric Clapton - 1987-89 Pink Floyd - 1989 Mike and the Mechanics and in 1991 he toured the USA with Procol Harum standing in for Robin Trower.
Tim has also worked extensively with many different artists in the studio as a session musician.

He spent three years working as resident guitarist in 'The Love Band' on the Jonathan Ross television show where he accompanied hundreds of visiting artists.

Tim also writes instrumental music for various music libraries which has so far generated over six CD's of his work.

The Recording Credits
David Bowie:
Space Oddity - 1969 (RCA)

Al Stewart:
Orange - 1972 (CBS)
Past, Present and Future - 1974 (Janus/Arista)
Modern Times - 1975 (Janus/Arista)
Year Of The Cat - 1976 (Janus/Arista)
Time Passages - 1978 (Arista)
Last Days Of The Century - 1988 (Enigma)

Sutherland Brothers & Quiver:
Dream Kid - 1973 (Island)
Reach For The Sky - 1975 (CBS)
Slipstream - 1976 (CBS)
Down To Earth - 1977 (CBS)

Time For Another - 1975 (Anchor)
No Strings - 1977 (Anchor)

Elton John: A Single Man - 1978 (MCA)

Andy Gibb: Shadow Dancing - 1978 (RSO)
Gilbert O'Sullivan: Off Centre - 1980 (CBS)

Tim Renwick: Tim Renwick - 1980 (CBS)

Paul Carrack:
Nightbird - 1980 (Vertigo)
One Good Reason - 1987 (Chrysalis)

Dionne Warwick:
Heartbreaker -1982 (Arista)

China Crisis:
Flaunt The Imperfection - 1985 (Warner Bros)

Paul McCartney:
All The Best - 1987 (EMI)

Pink Floyd:
Delicate Sound Of Thunder - 1988 (CBS)

Mike and the Mechanics:
Word Of Mouth - 1991 (Atlantic)

Excerpts from artist biography © Steve Kennedy.

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