Steve Gibbons (Band):

Trevor Burton, ex-The Move, shone on Fender
bass under his peaked biker's cap (far left in
group photo). The original 'Johnny Cool'?

Great singer/songwriter with tons of credibility and style. Impressive on stage - and as a top notch songsmith. Shades of both Bob Dylan and Chuck Berry. Won't be found filed under "Blues", rather under "Pub Rock" - but in my opinion he defies filing altogether. Once upon a time a member of Idle Race I'm told.

His amazing outfit, The Steve Gibbons Band, rocked hard in the late 70's. I am still floored by their album foursome ('76 - '78) 'Any Road Up', 'Rollin' On', 'Caught In The Act - SGB Live' and 'Down In The Bunker'. The first two mentioned are rereleased together on CD (pictured left). An act of humanity! Play 'Rollin' one more time, pleez!


Havic Records International: vast source of info: discography, history, tour dates...

Road Goes On Forever Records who issued the double CD 'Any Road Up'/'Rollin' On' pictured above. A jewel!

Iconic Music: agency/management

Pics from '98 by a great Swedish web site builder: Mikael Sandberg

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