Parker's Alibi:

Powerful young bluesband from Stourbridge. Formed in '97 as Monty Turnbull band. Lineup listed below from March 2001. Band split up late in 2001 with Ian and Morg going in one direction and the rhythm section in another.

Ian Parker: guitar, vocals
Morg 'Blackfoot' Morgan: piano
Chris Lomas: bass, vocals
Tony Baylis: drums (replaced Richie Shelton?) (Tony has a past with Trevor Burton, Steve Gibbons, 'Honeyboy' Hickling)

Monty Turnbull: "Misfits & Fools" PARKER FIRST PROMOTIONS MT002 (1999)
Parker's Alibi: "Beer Goggles" Five Track EP - Studio recording (Oct. 1999)
Parker's Alibi: "Exposed!" live at 'The Robin R'n'B Club', June 2000