The Misunderstood (feat. Glenn 'Fernando' Campbell):

In its first incarnation, a California psychedelia band, periodically living in the U.K. 1966-1967.
Featured Glenn 'Fernando' Campbell, a bluesy & psychedelic steel guitarist! No run of the mill player, this. Band found no commercial success. Finally deported...

Why not try hunting vinyl LP "Before The Dream Faded" CHERRY RED RECORDS # B RED 32 (1982) featuring tracks from this era? Amazing. Brilliant sleeve notes by Nigel Cross.

Second incarnation: Glenn doggedly returned to the U.K., kept the group name and issued two singles (one of them cited below). No commercial success. Band finally evolved into Juicy Lucy.

Line up at these two Misunderstood singles sessions probably:
Steve Hoard: vocals/Glenn 'Fernando' Campbell: steel guitar/Neil Hubbard: guitar (ex-Graham Bond)/Davy O'List: guitar/Chris Mercer: sax (ex-John Mayall)/Nick Potter: bass guitar/Guy Evans: drums.

"Never Had A Girl (Like You Before)" (Campbell/Hoard)/"Golden Glass" (Campbell/Hoard) FONTANA TF 1041 (1969)

A-Side: A gem of a single!!! Exquisite soaring guitars, soulful vocals... Plenty of room for the musicians' embroidery. Close your eyes and dance with your beloved under the strobe lights... This is an absolute favourite single of mine. More Fillmore West than U.K. blues, but since I'm fond of both...

B-Side: More or less a formless jam with droning guitars. No comments.

I wondered many times where the amazing 'Fernando' Campbell had moved himself and his guitars. And...
On May 3 '98 I received the following e-mail:
"Glenn 'Fernando' Campbell here....
I'm at a friends house surfing the net - living and working in Auckland New Zealand. Just caught your web site - and thought I'd let you know where I am and that I'm alive and still playing gigs when there are any and sanding my fingers off bit by bit at Auckland City Art Gallery Workshop..."
So now we know! Thanks and best wishes, Glenn!

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