Nicky Moore's Blues Corporation:

Powerful, soulful outfit. Born in 1992. Called it a day at the end of 2001 after issuing "Live" CD as a keepsake. A pity!

Frequently changed the lead guitarists around - in time honoured U.K. blues fashion.

Nicky Moore: vocals, guitar. For many years lead vocalist of heavy metal band Samson. Previous to Samson vocalist of jazz-rock band Tiger led by London's leading session guitarist Big Jim Sullivan.

1) Nigel Bagge: lead guitar in '92
2) Andy: lead guitar '97
3) Richard Studholme: lead guitar (on 1997 album) (to West Weston's Bluesonics)
4) Nigel Bagge: lead guitar (again?)(to The Mighty 45s)
5) Tommy Allen: lead guitar (on 1999 album)
   (from Marcus Malone's Red House)
   (also to Dr J J's Blues Band in July 2000. Then rapidly to The Producers
   and then formed his own band!)
6) Tim Moore: Nicky's son on lead guitar from 2001 onwards - when Tommy Allen was unavailable due to other duties

Colin Goody: harp (new in band in '99 - but succeeded by Julian Webster-Greaves in 2001)
Grant 'Cheeky' Tunbridge: bass
Stewart Childs, succeeded by Ed Collins (2001): drums

"I Just Got Back"
"Holding On"
"Take Me Home" 1002BC (1997)
"300 Pounds Of Joy" 1003BC (1999)
"Live" 1004BC (2001)