Jim Mullen:

Guitarist of a jazz & blues persuasion.

Lead guitar on albums by Pete Brown: the lyricist sidekick of Jack Bruce of Cream fame.
Featured on Pete Brown & Piblokto's:
"...The Art School Dance Goes On Forever" HARVEST SHVL 768 ('69/'70) and
"Thousands On A Raft" HARVEST SHVL 782 ('70).

Member of Brian Auger's Oblivion Express in the early '70s. Featured on three albums:
"Oblivion Express" RCA SF 8170 ('71)
"A Better Land" POLYDOR 2383 062 ('71)
"Second Wind" POLYDOR 2383 104 ('72)

Guitar on Vinegar Joe's 2nd album "Rock'n'Roll Gypsies" in '72.
Featured on Steve York's LP "Manor Live" ('73) together with many other U.K. jazz/bluesers.
Played on Kokomo's first album in '75.
Two albums with jazz saxophonist Dick Morrissey (from If) in the late '70s.
And so on - probably out of the blues... Or?

On Jan. 26 1999 Jon T-Bone Taylor kindly sent us the following informative e-mail:
Dear Christer and Vanja,
Good to see Jim Mullen amoung the artists on your website. I saw Jim play last week with Mose Allison, both of them — and the rhythm team of Roy Babbington and Mark Taylor — were in excellent form. We spoke after the gig, and he said that Terry Callier is playing at London’s Jazz Café and recording another album which will feature Jim; he was re-united with Dick Morrisey, who is wheelchair-bound due to a spine tumour, for a gig in Kent and that Dick plays just a s good as he ever did; and also that he is accompanying Jimmy Smith on his Jazz Café residency.
For top-notch Mullen blues guitar check out Jimmy Witherspoon Big Blues on JSP.
Best wishes,
Jon Taylor
And on Dec. 30 1999 we received more news from Jon T-Bone Taylor:
Jim Mullen is accompanying Mose Allison and Brother Jack McDuff in London in Jan 2000.