Gwyn Ashton:

Powerful guitarist & vocalist, preferably working in a trio format. Born in Wales, raised in Australia and now back in the U.K. (Milton Keynes). Plays a rousing, rocking blues on his Fender or Gibson - or just as well on a National steel guitar. Song list is his own original material - extra points for that!
For the full story: check out the websites below, plus Blueprint Magazine interview in Vol. 2, issue 31 (jan. 2000).

Debuted with album "Feel The Heat" (RIVERSIDE RECORDS).

At the turn of 2000/2001 Mr. Ashton released a new album (also on RIVERSIDE) called "Fang It!" recorded with Nine Below Zero's rhythm section of Gerry McAvoy on bass and Brendan O'Neill on drums. Once upon a time Rory Gallagher's rhythm section. Producer: Dennis Greaves, vocalist and guitarist of Nine Below Zero.

Third album on RIVERSIDE, "Beg, Borrow & Steel", will be released in Sept. 2001. Promo says: "was recorded Down Under with an all-Australian backing band, and is a journey through Gwyn’s musical roots: all tracks have been recorded with acoustic instruments, which breaks from Gwyn’s usual brand of hard-hitting, bluesy rock. Most songs were played on his 1936 National Steel guitar (hence the title!) with just the right measure of double bass, Hammond organ, piano, harmonica and drums (with brushes, natch!). As usual, Gwyn wrote most of the songs."

Gwyn Ashton Band (late '99):
Gwyn Ashton: guitar, vocals
Ben Christie: bass (ex-Alamo Leal)
Michael Wiedrich or Dave Raeburn: drums (Dave is ex-The Hoax and Alamo Leal)

Gwyn Ashton's Official Website
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