Gordon Smith:

My first association to Gordon Smith is a flashback to the late 60's: a photograph of a young gentleman clad in fur coat and fur hat - on the cover of a British blues LP. Not exactly the regular guitar slinger outfit. No blue denim in sight whatsoever. Still, Peter Green, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood (three gents from the very electric Fleetwood Mac) did appear on the album - so it had to be checked out.

True, Mr. Smith was found to be no wailing electric sharp shooter at all. He sang and played guitar and harp in a more traditional vein - as illustrated by his lasting version of Fred McDowell's "Diving Duck Blues" on the (fur clad) "Long Overdue" album.

I did not follow Mr. Smith's career but I do understand that he still has an avid following among discerning Europeans appreciating traditional blues. Perhaps significantly, some of his albums have been issued on the Italian APPALOOSA label: often a sanctuary for U.K. blues musicians determined to stay true to their own spirit (Mick Clarke, for one). And I have received reports recently (Oct./Nov. '98) from another Swede, Mikael Sandberg (see link below), of a great gig at the Station Tavern in London - perhaps a favourite haunt of this eminent musician.

"Long Overdue" BLUE HORIZON 7-63211 (1968)
"Takin' Time" APPALOOSA AP002 (1979)
"Down On Mean Streets" APPALOOSA AP 005 (1980)
"Out Of The Bottleneck" MASTERMIX CHEDCD 00120 (2000)

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