Lonesome Dave Peverett (guitar, vocals), Tone Stevens (bass) and Roger Earl (drums) left Savoy Brown after the "Looking In" album (1970) and formed the group Foghat, adding Rod Price (once with Shakey Vick's Big City Blues Band and Dynaflow Blues) on guitar and vocals. Their first album (of a long row on BEARSVILLE Records), suitably called "Foghat" (K45503), was issued in 1972. And was enthusiastically reviewed by R. Evan Cirkiel in U.S. "Creem" magazine, Oct. '72:

"First song's about a horny guy, second song's about a drunk, third song's about how his chick leaves him, fourth too, and wouldn't ya know it, sixth too. The others (for all I know, since the beer came when I listened to them) are about chicks leavin' them too, too, too."
"Obviously, no deep messages on this album. No concern for mankind like on "The Moody Blues Find A Cure For Cancer"
Now ain't that a relief. All you get these days is meaning, meaning, meaning."
"Just why is this album so meaningless? Guess who Foghat is. Ees correcto. Tone Stevens, Roger Earl and Lonesome Dave are three quarters of Foghat, and they all used to be in Savoy Brown who was always one of those sick, demented, skinny, drunk English bands..."
"All that adds up to one great album: the songs are rocky and fun and HAVE NO MESSAGE."

And yes: they became very successful in the U.S.
And they are still kickin' - a bit more blues once again. See link below!

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