The Blues Band:

Tom McGuinness (left) - Rob Townsend (mid)
Paul Jones (right). Pic from neat "Fat City"
CD sleeve. Photo © Paul Cox
Founded in February '79 by Paul Jones and Tom McGuinness, two veterans of Manfred Mann: a 'pop group' which was much more of a blues band at heart than the hit singles did display. Debut album: "Official Bootleg Album" from 1980.

The Blues Band has a very broad repertoire: from Dave Kelly's deep rooted country blues outings, crossing over into the Muddy Waters sound, rolling on through r&b and ending up in a fusionjazzy Robert Crayish sound landscape. Yes, that's what I call broad! Mainly original material to which most musicians have contributed. A case in point is their "Fat City" album from 1991 (RCA/BMG PD 75100), a firm favourite of mine.

I've caught them live on stage in Göteborg (at the "Liseberg Fun Park") and enjoyed them immensely. I especially remember a powerful and fun version of "Boom, Boom, Out Go the Lights!". I was also very impressed by the aggressive guitar playing (white Strat) of Tom McGuinness. Still, he was an r&b guitarist originally who only became the bassist of Manfred Mann by sheer necessity. Remember: once a Rooster with fellow Eric Clapton.

Quote from The Blues Band's web site: "Paul Jones is probably regarded as the UK's highest profile bluesman. With the Blues Band, his radio shows on BBC Radio 2 and Jazz FM, and his work with the revived, reformed Manfreds, his future looks just as bright as his past."
Myself, I remember Paul Jones vividly for the stellar single "Privilege" from the late sixties. Paul worked as an actor at the time and starred in the Peter Watkins movie "Privilege" (1967). The single was a g-i-a-n-t hit in Sweden where I live and I remember my sister thumb tacking Paul's picture to the wall. I don't know how Paul looks upon this single today, but to me it's a classic!

Original Blues Band lineup:
Paul Jones: vocals, harmonica
Dave Kelly: vocals, slide guitar
Tom McGuinness: guitar
Gary Fletcher: bass
Original drummer: Hughie Flint (also on the legendary Mayall and Clapton "Bluesbreaker" album).
Succeeded as drummer in the Blues Band in '82 by Rob Townsend (once in Family).

They have their own informative web site - so I suggest that you jump there, reading the artists individual stories as well as the band's!