The Blackjacks:

"From Brighton, they play "Memphis boogie and Chicago jump". Bassist Orlando is originally from London and plays with James Bell (Simon Hindley - on my "Winehead" Spinout 45) & The Jukeboys."

Quote from Big Joe Louis, Nov. '98

Mark I:

'Wandering' Wilf Taylor: harmonica, vocals
Carlos 'The Jackal' Taylor: guitar, vocals
Little Orlando Shearer a.k.a 'Little Orly':
double bass (moved to James Hunter's band May 2000 and on to Otis Grand Jan. 2001)
Louis Borenius: drums (also with Bop Brothers)

Mark II late 2000:

'Wandering' Wilf Taylor: harmonica, vocals
'Mighty' Mick Taylor: guitar, vocals
Rory 'Coolhand' Cameron: guitar, vocals
Simon 'Tex' Sparrow: double bass
Louis Borenius: drums (also with Bop Brothers)

"After several years of working UK and European stages, The Blackjacks have committed a selection of their huge range of blues styles to CD. They've gigged with a host of headline acts, including Nine Below Zero, Otis Grand, Paul Lamb and many more. You've seen the pics, now hear the licks from their live and kicking jump, swing and traditional blues record 'What's The Deal?'."

"What's The Deal" BLACKJACKS BJ001 (1999)