Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings:

"The slickest combo on the circuit" bragged BLUE HORIZON in an advert in '89.

Lineup on '96 album (cover left):
Big Joe Louis: vocals, guitar, mandolin
Little George Sueref: harp, vocals
Matt Radford: bass (who succeeded Tony Hilton, previously bassist with Howlin' Wilf & The Vee-Jays)
Brian Nevill: drums (who succeeded Martin Deegan who went to Paul Lamb & The King Snakes)
For extensive information on Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings, please jump straight to their official home pages hosted by this very website! Gigs from '98 onwards have featured Big Joe and Little George plus deputy bassists and drummers, a.o.:
Brian Nevill: drums (see above)
Dino Coccia: drums (also Sonny Black & The Dukes and The Barcodes)
Mike Watts: drums (ex-James Hunter Band)
May 29 2000: Debut performance of new lineup of the Big Town Playboys, featuring Big Joe Louis on vocals. Still, Big Joe's Blues Kings, duos and solo gigs rolled on, regardlessly.
Late 2001: Big Joe Louis leaves BTP - is succeeded by Paul Ansell (vocals, piano, guitar).
Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings played an amazing gig at Åmåls Blues Fest, Sweden in July 2001. Lineup:
Big Joe Louis: vocals, guitar
Steve Weston: harp
Matt Radford: stand up bass
Mike Watts: drums

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